Oil Field Services in Carlsbad, NM

JB Electric LLC is a foremost authority when it comes to on-site electrical services for oilfield operations. In fact, our company is equipped with all of the expertise and equipment needed to handle complete oilfield projects—whatever it takes to get oil from the ground to your tanks.

For more than a decade we’ve lent our expertise to operations throughout the area and today, we remain a preeminent partner for oil field service in Carlsbad, NM. Let our crew demonstrate excellence on your site, to help streamline your operations and prevent costly setbacks.

Tank Battery Builds

Call on us for tank battery builds of any size and capacity. We do all of the electrical work associated with tank batteries, including installation and calibration of electronic sensors and installation of transport pumps. Because we work with precision, you can rest assured our tank battery builds are tailored around the specific demands of your pump site.

Pump Jack Installations

Our oilfield expertise also extends to pump jacks. Count on us for a thorough oil field pump install in Carlsbad, NM, with all electrical components properly set up to ensure smooth operation of your pumping apparatus. From motor work to feed lines, we’re well-equipped to handle any electrical facet of your pump jack.

Hydrovac Service

Thanks to our new, state-of-the-art hydrovac unit, we’re able to deliver crucial jetting services to jobsites where they’re required—including oilfields. Our hydrovac service in Carlsbad, NM delivers a high-pressure stream of water in tandem with a vacuum to thoroughly and completely clean heavy equipment and machinery. It’s a superior way to preserve your equipment and ensure long-term, optimal operation.

For essential oilfield services, delivered by trained and qualified electrical experts, make the call to JB Electric LLC. We’ll deliver top-notch service in any capacity to guarantee your operation’s success.