Oil Tank Battery Installation in Carlsbad, NM

Tank batteries are a cornerstone of any oilfield operation. These integral components need to be properly installed and integrated into your site’s operational system, which means you’re going to require the services of an experienced industrial electrician in Carlsbad, Eddy County, and Carlsbad North, NM. JB Electric LLC is ready to take on the job.

Oil Tank Battery Electricians

There are a number of critical electrical components that require installation, configuration, maintenance and repairs when it comes to tank batteries and their operation. With more than a decade of oilfield experience, our team is able to meet the complete demands of your tank batteries. Our oil tank battery electricians administer service to flow line sensors and gauges, surge protection relays, electronically-controlled pumps and more.

With a keen understanding of each individual component, as well as the complete oil tank battery installation in Carlsbad, NM, we’re able to provide precision services quickly, no matter the size or scope of your battery.

Tank Battery Builds

Setting up a brand-new extraction site? Our industrial electricians are your authority when it comes to setting up and configuring tank batteries. From the initial placement of tanks to all of the hookups and configurations that come next, we’re your all-in-one partner. Let us make sure your oil tank battery installation gets up and running quickly, backed by a battery array that exhibits operational excellence from the get-go.


Getting poor readings from your flow lines? Issues with pump controls? Whatever types of problems you’re running into with your oilfield tank battery, we’re here to trace and resolve them. Our team leverages a thorough understanding of oilfield equipment to trace electrical problems and isolate them to a specific issue. Then, we get it fixed fast to minimize downtime and waste.

Your Oilfield Partner

The electrical demands of oilfield operations and tank battery arrays is vastly different from general commercial of industrial work. Make sure you’re putting your trust in contractors who understand this. When the time comes to have your tank batteries serviced, choose JB Electric LLC. Our residential, commercial, and industrial electricians deliver service you can count on. Contact us today at 575-725-5238 to schedule a site visit for oil field help, hydrovac services, and more.