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What Causes an Electrical Surge?

December 9, 2019

Power surges are one of the most common electrical problems this time of year—and a big reason why they’re so common is that people don’t understand what causes electrical surges in Carlsbad, NM in the first place. We put together this helpful post in order to reduce the number of surges and prevent property damage this season: Lightning: When lightning strikes near a power line, the electrical energy boosts the electrical pressure by millions of volts. The bad news is that this surge overpowers pretty much any surge protector on the market. The good news is that lightning strikes are... View Article

Winter Safety Tips for Home Electrical Systems

November 27, 2019

With winter approaching, there are a variety of potential power-related issues that could affect your home. Now is a good time to conduct a thorough analysis of your electrical system and make sure it’s prepared for the season so you can avoid any accidents that could cause some significant repercussions. Here are a few important winter safety electrical tips in Carlsbad, NM for you to follow this year: Flickering: Have you noticed lamps or lights flickering around your home? You should check them out and see if it’s just a bulb preparing to burn out. Swap out the bulb and... View Article

Be Sure to Avoid These Common Winter Hazards to Industrial Electrical Equipment

November 13, 2019

A little bit of maintenance on your electrical systems and equipment goes a long way, especially for the winter months. The extreme cold and winter elements can be destructive for your electrical system, so it’s important that you understand not just the potential dangers you could face without performing the proper maintenance, but also how you can avoid them. Read on for an overview of common electrical winter hazards in Carlsbad, NM. Problems with space heaters One of the most common electrical issues that occurs in the winter is improper usage of space heaters, which can quickly turn hazardous. People... View Article

The Benefits of Business Lighting Upgrades

October 22, 2019

Keeping the lights on is the responsibility of every business owner. But as an entrepreneur, have you considered how a lighting upgrade might impact your business? It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but an LED lighting upgrade in Carlsbad, NM is actually a sizable investment in multiple parts of your enterprise. Decreased energy consumption The most tangible benefit of upgrading to LED lighting is the reduction in your energy costs. Installing LED lights in a commercial space generates a 68 percent savings, and you’ll save another 65 percent when you put LED lights in your parking lot. Go the... View Article

Electrical System Upgrade Planning: Avoiding Code Violations When Upgrading Electrical Systems

October 8, 2019

Upgrading an electrical system is a massive undertaking with many components. If the slightest step is done incorrectly, you could be facing a major code violation that might not just slow down work, but stop it completely. This means additional costs for you, even if those numbers weren’t included in your final budget. If you are investing in electrical system upgrades in Carlsbad, NM, follow these tips to avoid costly code violations. Reference the NEC handbook The National Electric Code (NEC) handbook is put together by the National Fire Protection Association, and changes are made annually. Your electrical contractor should... View Article

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