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What Is High-Pressure Water Jetting or Hydro Jetting?

December 28, 2021

If you’ve never heard of hydrovac or hydro-excavation services in Carlsbad, NM, you’re not alone. Instead of digging in the dirt, you can use a pressurized stream of water to excavate and remove soil. It’s safe, effective and provides an easy, eco-friendly way of excavating anything from trenches and piling holes to oil wells and utility holes. Here’s a brief overview of hydrovac services and how they can benefit your site in the Carlsbad, NM area. How hydrovac and hydro-excavation works Hydro-excavation uses pressurized water to move and remove soil. A truck with a large tank of water is brought... View Article

How Do Pump Jacks Work?

December 14, 2021

If you’ve been around an oil field or a water well, you’ve been around pump jacks. Both above-ground pump jacks and water well pump jacks operate similarly in Carlsbad, NM. They mechanically lift liquid out of the ground so that it can be used for other purposes. While JB Electric LLC specializes in oil field pump jack installation, we’re happy to install water well pump jacks, too. Read on to learn more about how they work; then call us for your next installation project. What are pump jacks, and how do they work? Pump jacks power about 96 percent of... View Article

What’s the Difference Between a Power Strip and a Surge Protector?

November 30, 2021

You’ve probably used both power strips and surge protectors in the past, but do you know the difference between them? Be honest—did you know there was even a difference? Understanding the power strip vs. surge protector difference is the key to protecting your electronics from electrical power surges in Carlsbad, NM. While it’s easy to assume that these tools are interchangeable, they serve different purposes. Let’s take a look, and soon you’ll be able to understand which device will best meet your needs. Power strips vs. surge protectors Power strips look like a long, plastic, rectangular strip with multiple electrical... View Article

Signs You Need to Rewire Your Home

November 16, 2021

There may come a time when you need to rewire your home—but do you know when it’s time for residential electrical repair and replacement? Generally, home wiring is designed to last a long time. As technology improves and we need more electricity, however, you may find that your old wiring is not sufficient for your needs. Eventually, your wiring will need to be repaired for safety and efficiency reasons. Here are the top signs you need old or aluminum wiring replacement in Carlsbad, NM: Aluminum wiring: Homes built between 1965 and 1973 often used aluminum wiring, which has been shown... View Article

An Overview of Tank Battery Design in Oil and Gas Production

November 2, 2021

In oil and gas production, tank battery builds are common. This equipment is an essential part of above-ground operations in the oil and gas industry. But what is a tank battery, and how is it utilized? Here’s what you need to know about tank battery builds and what they can do for your operations. What is a tank battery? The tank battery is a system used to store products gathered from oil pumping operations. The system separates, cleans and stores various products to prep them for sale. What products can be found in a tank battery? Natural gas, crude oil... View Article

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