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Why Dimming Lights Indicate You Have Some Electrical Issues in Need of Repair

November 24, 2020

Have you noticed lights in your house that dim and then get brighter again? This is a common element used in horror movies, but if it happens to you in real life, don’t worry—you probably don’t have a haunted house. Instead, this is indicative of some sort of electrical issue, quite possibly in the wiring or in the electrical panel, that you’ll need to have repaired. If it’s a regular issue, it’s a good idea to get a professional electrician out to your home to check out the problem and explain why dimming lights in Carlsbad, NM mean you have... View Article

How to Avoid Power Surges on an Outlet

October 21, 2020

Power surges can destroy your sensitive electronic equipment, like computers, televisions and mobile devices. When a surge occurs, it can burn out the delicate components inside your electronics, destroying them. This can be upsetting and frustrating when it’s an external cause, like power line damage or electrical storms—but it’s even worse when you cause the surge inside your own home. Here’s why they happen and how to avoid power surges in Carlsbad, NM. How power surges happen Power surges can happen internally or externally. For example, when your power company is switching the power grid, this can cause a surge... View Article

What Is an Arc Flash?

March 23, 2020

An arc flash is a type of electric discharge through the air from one voltage phase to the ground or to another voltage phase. This unwanted discharge creates a sudden rapid rise in air temperature and pressure between the conductors, which can result in an explosion referred to as an “arc blast.” The heat combined with these blasts can cause fires and flying shrapnel that can be extremely dangerous to bystanders, and cause significant property damage. In many cases, there is little to know warning of these explosions, and they can completely destroy electrical equipment. Therefore, it’s important to understand... View Article

Look Out for These Common Winter Electrical Issues!

December 23, 2019

Lower temperatures this time of year can result in a variety of electrical problems for both homes and businesses. We believe knowing the most common issues is the first step in preventing them from happening in the first place. Keep reading to learn more about the most common winter electrical issues in Carlsbad, NM, and how you can avoid them: Tripping a breaker: Strands of holiday lights, multiple space heaters and heavy-duty appliances can all put quite a strain on your home’s electrical system. When that’s the case, you may accidentally trip a breaker. Though it’s not the end of... View Article

What Causes an Electrical Surge?

December 9, 2019

Power surges are one of the most common electrical problems this time of year—and a big reason why they’re so common is that people don’t understand what causes electrical surges in Carlsbad, NM in the first place. We put together this helpful post in order to reduce the number of surges and prevent property damage this season: Lightning: When lightning strikes near a power line, the electrical energy boosts the electrical pressure by millions of volts. The bad news is that this surge overpowers pretty much any surge protector on the market. The good news is that lightning strikes are... View Article

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