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Which Grade of Electrical Outlets Do I Need?

January 25, 2021

Electricians know there are several different grades of electrical outlets that serve very different purposes. Understanding the difference between each helps the homeowner and business owner make the right selection for their property. There are three main grades of electrical outlets: homeowner grade, commercial grade and hospital grade. The cost and efficiency of each are the key determinants in which option is best for you, and a residential and commercial electrical service provider in Carlsbad, NM can help you make the right choice. Homeowner-grade outlets cost less, deliver consistency For day to day uses from running a microwave to turning... View Article

What Are Three Things Separated in a Field Tank Battery?

January 11, 2021

The inner workings of a field tank battery or tank battery system are complex. Understanding the ins and outs of field tank batteries helps the user operate an oil well efficiently, as well as safely, and ensures tank battery installations in Carlsbad, NM last for the long term. Three-phase units are commonly used to separate oil from water and gas as well as other contaminants. The field tank battery equipment and the process of separation both work to ensure a clean end product that can be sold and distributed widely. Pressurized tanks feature inlets, outlets and drains The point of... View Article

How Long Does It Take to Become a Licensed Electrician?

January 1, 2021

Various career paths require different types of training and certifications. Some are rather brief. Others are quite lengthy. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the electrical industry, it’s important to understand how long it takes to become a licensed electrician in Carlsbad, NM. Of course, the time required to become a licensed electrician depends on several factors. Use the following overview to determine how long you can expect to study and train before you become an officially licensed electrician. The full journey If you want to become a fully-trained electrical journeyman, you can expect your career preparation... View Article

Types of Education Needed for Oil Field Electricians

December 18, 2020

If you’re interested in a career as an oil field electrician, it’s essential to understand the education requirements for oil field electricians in Carlsbad, NM. As a trade industry, the educational track looks different than other types of careers. To pursue work in this field, use the following guidelines for recommended education for oil field electricians. Entrance requirements Most job opportunities for electricians require a high school diploma or GED to begin studying and training for the job. You may also be required to pass entrance testing to start the training program. Once you have your diploma or equivalent, you... View Article

Why Dimming Lights Indicate You Have Some Electrical Issues in Need of Repair

November 24, 2020

Have you noticed lights in your house that dim and then get brighter again? This is a common element used in horror movies, but if it happens to you in real life, don’t worry—you probably don’t have a haunted house. Instead, this is indicative of some sort of electrical issue, quite possibly in the wiring or in the electrical panel, that you’ll need to have repaired. If it’s a regular issue, it’s a good idea to get a professional electrician out to your home to check out the problem and explain why dimming lights in Carlsbad, NM mean you have... View Article

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