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What Is Surge Protection?

September 10, 2018

You’ve probably heard the term “surge protection” before, but not really thought about it. All you know is that when you plug in multiple electrical devices, they work, and you don’t feel like you need to worry. Surge protection is a vital part of making electrical systems function properly that we’ll take a look at today. If you’re experiencing electrical issues, you’ll need to call a top-quality electrician in Carlsbad, NM to deal with the problem. That’s where JB Electric LLC comes in, delivering the best service for all our customers. Let’s take a look at surge protection and what... View Article

Some Shocking Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Outlets

August 17, 2018

Like most things around your house, your electrical outlets can be upgraded. Though you could upgrade them at any time, there are some telltale signs that they need to be replaced as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn about a few of the signs you should be watching for. Outlets only have two prongs If your outlets only have two prongs, call a licensed electrician in Carlsbad, NM right now to replace them. On top of preventing you from plugging in three-pronged cords, two-prong outlets are ungrounded, which means they’re a shock risk for your electronics. Keep in mind... View Article

Tips for Disposing of Your Unwanted Electronics

August 3, 2018

Though it might not seem like it when you first purchase a new electronic device, there’s no way it’ll last forever. For one reason or another, you’ll eventually need or want to replace it with a newer model. Do you know what to do with your old device when that day comes? If not, continue reading. Here are some tips from an electrical contractor in Carlsbad, NM regarding getting rid of those old electronic devices. Why can’t electronics just go in the trash? The easiest and quickest solution for getting rid of an old smart phone or computer would be... View Article

What to Look for When Installing Production Tanks

July 30, 2018

Selecting where you’ll install your storage/production tank at your oil field is an extremely important decision, as it will influence the efficiency of your work site and the accessibility of the tank itself. Here are some things you should consider when working with an oil field service in Carlsbad, NM to determine where you’ll install your next production tank: Spacing: If you already have storage tanks in the area, there needs to be at least a little bit of space between them. Tanks should have at least three feet of spacing between them, unless your local code requires more spacing.... View Article

Reasons to Use a Hydrovac in the Oil Industry

July 16, 2018

There are a lot of reasons why investing in hydrovacs makes sense for oil companies. For example, exposing and cleaning oil transport lines is extremely difficult to accomplish without the use of a hydrovac. This process is extremely important, as clean, well-maintained oil pipelines are absolutely essential for preventing breakdowns and promoting continuous work and flow. This is why so many oil companies make investments in hydrovac service in Carlsbad, NM. Hydrovacs quickly accomplish their cleaning processes, as they are able to rapidly expose underground areas. Their suction devices and pressurized fluid capabilities make them highly effective at washing away... View Article

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