Avoid Oil Field Pump Mistakes

December 24, 2018

Pump mistakes can delay production and cause costly repairs. Once you invest in an oil field pump install in Carlsbad, NM, you want to maintain it at peak efficiency. Fortunately, some issues are common and easy to avoid. Here are five oil field pump mistakes to avoid after an installation:

  • Improper equipment: If the rest of your equipment does not match your new pump, you will face maintenance problems. The same is true if the equipment was not properly installed before you added the pump. Many fields make the mistake of installing a larger pump than necessary and failing to build up the needed centrifugal force. Your pump installer needs to assess the rest of your equipment and the hydraulics to match the pump to your equipment, rather than produce an ideal that may never live up to its promise.
  • Incorrect baseplate design: The baseplate must be engineered to contain the best skids to accommodate your pump. If it does not meet minimum requirements for supporting your pump, then, like any other equipment, it will likely render it useless. Baseplates should be designed to the manufacturer’s installation requirements, and if the current baseplate does not match the new pump, it should be replaced. Do not try to skimp on costs by using an improper baseplate; replace it and avoid maintenance problems.
  • Lubrication contamination: Bearing failure is the biggest cause of maintenance issues, and it often arises from improper lubrication. If performed incorrectly, the lubricant may bring contaminants into the bearings and cause damage. When you avoid this, you will extend the life of your machines and avoid production-interrupting equipment failure and desperate repairs. An oil mist system is often effective for lubricating multiple pump systems without much effort required from the field workers.
  • Improper mechanical seal selection: Much like a bearing failure, mechanical seal failures can also lead to catastrophic events and unscheduled repairs. It often compromises the needed centrifugal force in the pumps and could render it completely useless. Once the seals fail, it is likely the pump will stop working as well. This often arises from poor seal design or installers taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Serious failures lead to equipment replacement and environmental contamination (and any fines associated with that), so this is a seemingly small problem with major impacts.
  • Poor material choices: The material that comprises a pump and its gaskets/elastomers can determine the efficiency and longevity of the pump. Pumps can be metallic or non-metallic, depending on their demand and exposure to elements. Use of lubricants also determines the best material, and making the wrong decision can lead to failure. Experienced pump installers take a conservative approach and choose the material most appropriate for a customer’s liquid properties and process conditions. Please be prepared to supply this information when you arrange for a pump installation.

If you seek an oil field pump install in Carlsbad, NM, JB Electric LLC is available to offer its expertise. Reach out to us today to learn more and schedule a free quote.

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