Which Grade of Electrical Outlets Do I Need?

January 25, 2021

Electricians know there are several different grades of electrical outlets that serve very different purposes. Understanding the difference between each helps the homeowner and business owner make the right selection for their property.

There are three main grades of electrical outlets: homeowner grade, commercial grade and hospital grade. The cost and efficiency of each are the key determinants in which option is best for you, and a residential and commercial electrical service provider in Carlsbad, NM can help you make the right choice.

Homeowner-grade outlets cost less, deliver consistency

For day to day uses from running a microwave to turning on a lamp, homeowner-grade outlets are the cheapest of the three options. They provide reliable coverage, especially when they are not turned on 24/7.

Give your outlets a break by unplugging appliances when leaving on vacation or for a day of work. Doing so will ensure that your outlets last the full length of their life, which is usually five to 10 years. Outfit your outlets with protectors to make them child-safe as well.

Commercial-grade outlets last longer

Commercial-grade outlets provide much the same benefits as homeowner grade outlets. They provide reliable service for a range of heavy-duty appliances, such as stoves, grills and computers. Great for server rooms, commercial-grade outlets keep your equipment running consistently for long stretches of time.

One key difference between commercial-grade outlets and homeowner-grade outlets is how long they last. Their lifespan is easily 100 years or more, depending on how much use they get during that time. But commercial-grade outlets are specifically made to support appliances that cannot be unplugged, like computers, freezers and fridges.

Because they last longer, commercial grade outlets will cost more upfront. But for businesses looking to make the move to commercial grade, the investment pays off over the years. Commercial-grade outlets are designed for efficiency.

Hospital-grade outlets never fail

Always reliable, hospital-grade outlets are the top of the line in terms of reliability and durability. They have to be in order to support life functions and appliances like breathing machines and heart monitors.

Of course, the name indicates where this type of outlet is best used, but hospital-grade outlets can also be incorporated into your home or business when necessary. For instance, hospice or group home care functions are best supported by hospital-grade outlets.

The hospital-grade outlet option is the most costly because it provides peace of mind to the user. If being able to rely on their long-term durability and consistency of service is important to you, then this type of outlet is the best choice. Just know you will likely spend a good chunk of change upfront to have them installed.

Choosing the right outlets for your property is a personal decision, one that hinges on your particular circumstances and needs. To best understand your options, loop in an expert professional to discuss your requirements and target budget.

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