What Is High-Pressure Water Jetting or Hydro Jetting?

December 28, 2021

If you’ve never heard of hydrovac or hydro-excavation services in Carlsbad, NM, you’re not alone. Instead of digging in the dirt, you can use a pressurized stream of water to excavate and remove soil. It’s safe, effective and provides an easy, eco-friendly way of excavating anything from trenches and piling holes to oil wells and utility holes.

Here’s a brief overview of hydrovac services and how they can benefit your site in the Carlsbad, NM area.

How hydrovac and hydro-excavation works

Hydro-excavation uses pressurized water to move and remove soil. A truck with a large tank of water is brought on-site. There’s also a vacuum component, which can pick up the soil slurry and remove or displace it during the excavation process.

The water is aimed toward the area to be excavated. Instead of using drills or other machinery, the water digs deep into the ground while the vacuum removes what has been drilled. This slurry is deposited into a debris tank and either removed or handled according to the project’s needs.

Why should you use hydrovac services?

High-pressure water jetting is a safe and eco-friendly way to perform excavation services. Whether you want to expose underground utilities or drill a new oil well, hydro-excavation can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

One of the main reasons people use hydrovac services is because it can easily dig up to 40 feet below ground, even when the ground is frozen. In fact, hydro jetting became a popular excavation method in Canada’s oil fields, where snow and ice are prevalent throughout most of the year. Instead of using (and potentially damaging) mechanical equipment, excavators realized that they could harness the power of pressurized water and get better results.

Hydrovac services are now considered one of the safest and most efficient ways to excavate earth. It’s safer and has better damage control benefits than mechanical excavations. It digs quite efficiently, and because it’s so accurate, workers are far less likely to suffer injuries.

Another great reason to use hydrovac services: You’re less likely to damage existing underground infrastructure, whether that’s underground utility lines or older oil and gas infrastructure. This saves time and money on expensive repairs, reinstallations and regulatory fines and fees.

If you’re thinking about excavating a new oil well or other underground feature, hydro jetting might be the right solution for you.

Hydro jetting is also an extremely efficient way to clean off your machinery. After all, things tend to get dirty and dusty in desert oil fields. JB Electric LLC’s state-of-the-art hydrovac tools can make quick work of any cleaning job just by using the power of pressurized water.

Whatever your reasons for needing hydro-excavation in Carlsbad, NM, we’re pleased to help. JB Electric LLC is an electrical company that specializes in oil field pump jack installation and related services. Call us today to learn more about how we can help and to get a quote and ask any questions you have. We’ll look forward to helping you.

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