What Is Involved in Oil Tank Battery Design?

November 15, 2022

Oilfield battery design is an important part of the oil industry. The tank battery is probably the biggest portion of the oil operation. The battery tank works to clean and store the oil that is pumped. The type of battery needed depends on the quality and quantity of the oil being produced during the operation. This quick guide will provide you with information on what is involved in oil tank battery builds.

Why Are Oil Tank Batteries Important?

When oil is pumped from an oil well, oil is not the only thing that gets pumped out. The raw fluid being pumped out will usually consist of the oil, natural gas, water, sediment, and even other products such as paraffin or asphalt. These other substances must be cleaned out so that each substance can be processed and sold.

This cleaning process is done inside the oil tank battery. A separator is often located within the battery. Inside you will also find a heater treater or gun barrel. These are often used to remove water and sediment from the other raw products.

Oil Tank Battery Design

When an oil tank battery is being designed, the size of the tank battery will be determined based on the amount of fluid that will be produced at that particular operation. The gas system within the battery will also be determined by the amount and pressure of the natural gas getting processed. A water system setup will also be included. This part of the system will be determined by the amount of water that is pumped and the water’s potential to corrode components.

Another factor that must be considered is whether the products will be sold through a pipeline or by trucks. The design of the tank battery is very customized to each operation.

When considering oil tank battery design, you will need to carefully consider the specific needs of your operation. You want your tank battery customized to your needs. This will help your operation run more smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

If you want to ensure the best possible oil tank battery design, you should talk with an oil tank battery electrician or designer.

Types of Oil Tank Batteries

There are a few basic types of oil tank battery designs.

  • Basic oil tank battery – The basic oil tank battery works for oil wells that are producing quality oil that is pumped ready to sell. This type of product requires little cleaning or processing.
  • Single vessel tank battery – This type of battery is ideal for wells that pump out very little water. It is also ideal for wells that do not produce enough gas to be captured.
  • Multiple vessel tank battery – This type of battery is often needed for most oil operations. This will have the appropriate components to separate water, sediment, and other raw products.

To ensure you have the best equipment available for your oil production, contact battery design professionals that can help. 

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