How to Choose the Right Light Fixture

April 6, 2018

When you’re considering updating your home décor, lighting probably isn’t the first thing you think about. However, when you go from poor lighting to great lighting with high-quality fixtures, you’ll notice the difference right away. Lighting not only is functional, but it also provides a lot of ambiance and aesthetical value.

With this in mind, here are some tips from an electrician in Carlsbad, NM to help you choose the right light fixtures for your home:

  • Know what you hope to accomplish with your lighting: Will the lighting be used for specific tasks, or to set a certain ambience? The answer to this question will have a tremendous influence on your choices for your lighting options. Every room in your home should have a certain lighting mood you want to have, as well as an ideal function for your lighting.
  • Make sure you have safety lighting outside: Your front entry, back entry, walkways and sidewalks should have sufficient lighting. This serves two purposes—it prevents you from tripping over unseen objects and hazards in the area, and also serves as a deterrent for potential intruders. You should avoid exterior lighting that is so bright it disturbs neighbors, but it should be just bright enough to offer you some functionality and security.
  • Always have multiple lighting sources in each room: Having multiple lighting sources in each room in your home will help you set up a variety of different functions and activities. In the kitchen, for example, under-counter lights or under-cabinet lights can be great task lighting sources while also adding some ambience. In the living room, add a floor lamp next to a reading chair or couch. In the bathroom, have lighting at the mirrors in addition to general lighting around the room.
  • Recessed lighting is ideal for modern décor and high ceilings: These “can” light fixtures are more subtle than other types of fixtures and offer you some directional lighting potential. They can also be connected to dimmer switches to provide you with even greater levels of control over the brightness and mood in a given room.
  • Consider night lighting for bedrooms: Your bedrooms, especially your kids’ bedrooms and nurseries, might benefit from having some easily accessible night lighting. Simple plug-in night lights are great options, but you might also consider dim wall sconces, table lamps that can be used at night or other options to allow you to more easily navigate your home and rooms at night.
  • About chandeliers: Chandeliers can add a sense of luxury to a dining room or formal living space, but you need to do some extra research with these chandeliers to ensure you pick one that will not quickly become outdated, or that will not go well with the rest of your décor.

For more information about how you can choose the right lighting fixtures for your home, contact a professional electrician in Carlsbad, NM at JB Electric LLC today and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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