Why Should Oil Companies Invest in Hydrovac Service?

May 11, 2021

When it comes to running an oil company, investing in hydrovac service is a common-sense move that you can’t afford to overlook. Keeping your operations running smoothly depends on maintaining your oil pipelines to avoid potentially costly breakdowns. Here are the top four reasons why an oil company should invest in hydrovac service in Carlsbad, NM.

Hydrovac service rapidly exposes underground areas

Using a hydrovac service in Carlsbad, NM is the quickest way to clean oil transport lines—you just can’t do it right without a hydrovac. The system uses suction devices and pressurized fluids to wash away grime from pipelines. Other methods of cleaning aren’t as effective, and often leave built-up grime that can reduce flow and slow down your operations.

It assists with the potholing process

Potholing is another common task that requires the use of hydrovac systems. This process is also called daylighting, and it’s done right before you drill for oil. Hydrovac services help to expose any structures hidden below ground, such as power lines, water pipes and cables. By getting a clear view of what’s going on underground, you’ll avoid damaging any utilities and keep your crew and worksite safe.

It allows for precise and speedy excavation

Hydrovac services aid in the potholing process without making major disturbances to the ground below. While traditional excavation methods require the use of heavy machinery like backhoes, hydrovac services are more efficient and use a pressure mixture to quickly dig through the soil without disrupting utility lines. Mechanical diggers are clunky and awkward to maneuver, and they aren’t nearly as precise as hydrovac equipment. Hydrovac services create holes that are only about three-square feet in size. This equipment has a much more focused ability to dig through the earth than traditional machinery. In other words, it’s a gentler, more effective method.

You don’t have to sacrifice speed when you rely on hydrovac equipment for excavation. Digging machines operate at very slow speeds when compared to hydrovac equipment. It can often take several days to excavate an area that only could take a few hours when you use a hydrovac truck instead. Not only does this provide you with a major savings of time, but you’ll also expend a lot less manpower on every project. Overall, you’ll save money and increase the bottom line for your business.

It’s environmentally friendly

Hydrovac equipment makes the excavation process more environmentally friendly not only because it minimizes surface and soil damage, but because it also uses less power to do so. There’s much less energy required to run a hydrovac system than other excavation methods that require heavy machinery like backhoes. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint significantly when you choose hydrovac methods.

Whenever possible, oil companies should rely on hydrovac service in Carlsbad, NM to take advantage of the many benefits of this environmentally friendly and efficient excavation method. Always work with a reliable hydrovac professional with years of experience in the industry for ideal results. Contact JB Electric LLC today to learn more about the benefits of investing in hydrovac technology for your oil company.

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