Six Fascinating Facts About Pump Jacks

July 26, 2019

How much do you know about pump jacks and pump jack installation in Carlsbad, NM? If you’re part of the oil industry, you’re probably more than a little familiar with this equipment. Still, there are a few facts you might not know.

Use the following facts to wow your friends with oil industry trivia. If you memorize these tidbits, you’re more than likely to be the person in the room with the most knowledge of pump jacks!


Pump jacks are commonly used in the oil industry. These machines extrude oil from wells in situations where there is too little pressure to force oil to the surface. The pump jack is the most common type of lift system.

How It Works

A pump jack works by creating an artificial lift for the oil. It causes pressure to increase inside the oil well, which draws the oil to the surface. Part of the equipment sits above ground, while other parts of the system are below it.

A long beam connects to a power source which allows the beam to move up and down. At the end of the beam, a series of sucker rods move in and out of the well. A sucker rod pump is connected to these rods, which works like a piston. The part of the pump that is above ground is moved continuously by a pulley system. The end result of all this movement is increased pressure that pushes the oil to the surface.

This system should not be confused with a reciprocating pump, which is also commonly used in the oil industry. The main difference is the settings where they are used. Pump jack installation is called for in applications where there is too little pressure, and reciprocating pumps are installed when there is high pressure.


An employee of the Lufkin Foundry and Machine Company, Walter Trout, first sketched his idea for pump jack installation in 1952. By the end of the year, a prototype of his idea had been built and was set up in Texas.


Pump jacks are also known as Thirsty Birds, Donkeys and Grasshoppers.


The pump jack typically produces between five and 40 liters of oil during each stroke.

Pump Jack Services

While this invention helped revolutionize the oil industry, it does not come without maintenance. Just as all machinery does, the pump jack requires appropriate care to maintain optimal function. Once pump jack installation in Carlsbad, NM is complete, one of the top concerns is to maintain proper power for the system. Pump jack owners should partner with reliable electrical experts to ensure their systems remain in top shape. Look for electricians who have experience in the oil field industry to ensure they are knowledgeable about these rigs.

Partner with the Pump Jack Pros

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