Understanding the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Electricians in Carlsbad, NM

February 18, 2019

Not all electricians do the same types of work or take on the same types of projects. In fact, you’ll often find electricians will first categorize themselves based on their work in the commercial, industrial or residential sectors, and then offer some specialty services from there.

Most people can pretty easily grasp what it is a residential electrician does and the specific types of tasks they’re needed for. However, you might not have as good a sense of what the difference is between a commercial and an industrial electrician in Carlsbad, NM.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these differences so you know who to call if you’re in need of electrical work for your business.

Commercial electricians

Commercial electrical work tends to be more common and in higher demand than industrial electrical work. One of the primary differences to point out here is that in most circumstances, the area in which the commercial electrician performs his or her work is likely to be accessible to the general public, or at least to a large group of employees. Think of all the commercial businesses you visit on a regular basis, such as retail storefronts, hospitality businesses, restaurants and more. All of these businesses require occasional electrical work.

The general purpose of this work in the commercial sector is to ensure all electrical components and wiring are functioning safely and properly. Electricians in these types of jobs often work, for example, on high-voltage electrical systems and generators that go along with major HVAC units on the premises, though various other types of electrical repairs and installations are also common.

Industrial electricians

Industrial electricians have much more specialized skillsets, and there is a high level of expertise required for their daily tasks, which demands some extensive education and training. Many industrial electricians go through years of apprenticeships before they begin working on their own.

These electricians are most commonly found at manufacturing or production facilities, where there are electrical needs that are quite different from the needs you’ll find in residential and commercial properties. These industrial properties are more likely to have exceptionally high voltage systems, and may also have issues that require deftly dealing with minuscule micro currents of electricity.

There is much less margin for error in industrial electrical work. Minor mistakes in residential and commercial settings can generally be fixed quite easily, but this is not typically the case in the industrial world—mistakes in these settings can be extremely costly, as they can dramatically affect production output, development or critical communication and information systems. This is just one reason why these engineers tend to undergo significantly more training and get more practical apprenticeship experience before they’re entrusted as primary go-to electricians for this type of work.

These are just some of the most important differences that exist between commercial and industrial electricians in Carlsbad, NM. For more information or to arrange an appointment, we encourage you to contact the team of skilled electricians at JB Electric LLC today.

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