How To Make Your Power Distribution System More Efficient

August 15, 2022

Your power distribution system provides conditioned power to your servers to help them run smoothly. However, many errors may cause this system to run inefficiently, which might impact your overall operation. Thankfully, an electrician can help you understand these issues and ensure that your system is more effective.

Integrate High-Efficiency Transformers

High-efficiency transformers can improve your overall PDU (Power Distribution Unit) energy usage by up to three percent. While that might not seem like that much of an improvement on the surface, it can be a major one if it affects multiple PDU items. Just as importantly, every bit of efficiency improvement can save you money and minimize your energy waste.

Track Energy Usage

Make sure that you check your PDU energy usage regularly to see when it is running inefficiently. Smart PDU devices now integrate power gauges that let you know when a device is inefficient or running poorly. When you find that a device is causing severe energy waste in your facility, you can either repair it or consider decommissioning and replacing it to ensure smoother operation.

Know Your System’s Capacity

Tracking your power usage can also help you plan your system’s overall capacity. For example, you may find power usage tipping towards your full capacity and find a way to minimize this issue. Replacing inefficient or poorly operating units can avoid running at full capacity, a problem that can cause serious inefficiencies and cost you more money than necessary for running your PDU.

Turn Off Your Unused Units

There’s no need to constantly run your PDU if there are times when it’s simply not in use. For example, you may turn off your PDU when you’re closed for the day or when going on vacation. Closing down your PDU not only minimizes energy use but can also decrease wear and tear on the unit. Consider this option when it makes the most sense for your team’s overall operating needs and your budget. Note: Any PDUs that need to stay on constantly should not be turned off.

Calculate Power Usage Effectiveness

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is an important benchmark for energy usage that varies depending on your rack and your overall design. It is the total energy a data facility uses compared to the energy delivered to the equipment. Working with a professional team can help you calculate this ratio and find ways to improve it, such as installing new equipment that operates more effectively.

Taking Care of Your Power Distribution System

If you have a PDU that needs maintenance or you need an electrician who can handle these steps, please contact us at JB Electric by calling (575) 725-5238. Our team of experts will sit down with you and ensure you get the attention you need. We’ll not only update your PDU unit to make it more efficient but can also repair any damage to your system to ensure it stays strong.

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