What You Should Know About Hydrovac Service in Carlsbad, NM

April 8, 2019

Any time you’re preparing an oil field, you need to make sure you complete the excavation process safely and properly. One of the most popular methods of accomplishing this is through the use of hydrovac service in Carlsbad, NM.

Hydrovac trucks are designed to be used for debris removal and some highly precise excavation jobs, which is especially beneficial if the job is in a tight, confined area or if it is located next to existing underground utilities you do not want to disturb. These trucks inject water into the ground through a hose, essentially liquefying the soil to the point where it can then be vacuumed up with a powerful system of pumps attached to the truck. This mixture gets sent into a tank on the truck and carried away.

This method of excavation can be used for digging holes and trenches up to 40 feet deep, and can even be used on frozen ground.

Here are just a few of the major benefits associated with the use of hydrovac excavation:

  • Avoid damaging utilities: Any time you’re working in an area that has existing utilities underground (such as plumbing, electrical, gas or telecommunications), it is crucial you practice safe excavation as much as possible. A single accidental maneuver with a backhoe or shovel could result in significant damage to these important pieces of infrastructure, and even damage nearby buildings, forcing residents into a position where they need to make repairs to their properties. The highly precise and less invasive nature of hydrovac services makes it ideal for situations in which extreme accuracy and precision must be requirements and not just luxuries.
  • Affordability: Who doesn’t want to get the lowest price possible out of an excavation job while still achieving high-quality results? Hydrovac excavation is highly cost effective as an alternative to other excavation methods, in part because it is so much faster—it can be 10 times faster than hand shoveling, for example, which significantly cuts down on labor time and costs. Hydrovac service in Carlsbad, NM can remove up to 70 cubic yards per day.
  • Debris collection: Other mechanical forms of excavation typically do not provide a means of debris collection, meaning it gets stacked up in piles to be collected later. Hydrovac technology combines debris collection with the removal of the soil, saving you both time and money and clearing the debris from the site immediately.
  • Versatility: Hydrovac services can be used on a wide variety of soil types and in all types of environmental conditions. It can easily cut through and saturate clay, hard-packed dirt or frozen soil, for example, and is an option in both densely populated and very remote areas.
  • Variety of applications: While we’re specifically concerned with hydrovac technology’s benefits for oil fields, there are plenty of other applications in which it can be used, including slot trenching, daylighting, excavation for building foundations and more.

For more information about everything involved with hydrovac service in Carlsbad, NM, contact the experts at JB Electric LLC today.

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