The Benefits Of Hydrovac Services

March 24, 2023

The Benefits Of Hydrovac Services

If you’re looking for a faster, safer and more cost-effective way to excavate soil for your next construction project, hydrovac services may be the right choice for you. Hydraulic excavation is an effective and precise method of removing soil in any terrain. It uses pressurized water to liquefy soil cover and a powerful vacuum to remove the slurry. Here are some reasons to choose hydrovac excavation over traditional digging methods.


Hydraulic excavation is a much safer way to dig than traditional methods such as shoveling. It’s also less likely to cause damage to existing underground infrastructure, such as gas lines and power cables. A hydrovac truck is jetting high-pressured water that breaks up soil and a vacuum hose sucks up the mud and debris. This process is safe and minimizes damage to underground utility lines like pipes, cables and coaxial cable. It’s safer for workers too. A laborer who’s required to dig extensively with a shovel can be at risk for heat exhaustion or frostbite.


Hydrovac services are much faster than other types of excavation, such as hand shoveling or using a backhoe. This helps construction projects get completed more quickly, which saves companies money and time. If the project has to wait due to a delay in mechanical digging equipment, a backhoe will cause more delays, costing your company more money and affecting your construction schedule. Aside from being faster, hydrovac services are also more maneuverable than larger excavating equipment. This allows your crew to work around tight areas and crannies that other machines cannot reach.

More Affordable

Hydrovac allows workers to safely dig around underground utility lines and sewage, fiber-optic and telecommunications lines without causing damage. This saves your team time and money and reduces the risk of accidents or damage to infrastructure. Another benefit of using a hydrovac for construction is that it cuts down on restoration costs. With manual digging, a lot of dirt will need to be removed and transported away from the work site. The slurry of sand and dirt will need to be cleaned up and the jobsite needs to be kept clean throughout the project.

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