Tips for Improving Your Electrical Safety

May 19, 2020

Around the home, at the office and on job sites—no matter where you are, it’s important for you to practice good electrical safety to prevent accidents and outages from occurring. Here are just a few important electrical safety tips in Carlsbad, NM for you to remember at all times:

  • Practice good cord safety: You should always be mindful of power cords and extension cords. Keep in mind that extension cords are only designed for short-term use—they should not be a permanent fixture in your electrical system. Make sure to keep cords away from pets, and never use cords that appear to be frayed or otherwise damaged. Keep cords away from places where people will walk to avoid trips, and always remove cords from the sockets by the plug, rather than by tugging on the cord itself.
  • Use GFCI outlets: Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) have become the standard in electricity, especially in rooms that have running water. They are the safest option in those areas, and in any areas where you may have a child who’s able to access the outlet. If a GFCI outlet gets wet or has an object stuck into it, it will disable the outlet rather than causing electrocution.
  • Be careful around water: As you almost certainly know, water conducts electricity, so you should do everything you can to avoid allowing water and electricity to mix. If an area gets flooded and you know there are live wires or outlets in the area, you should absolutely not attempt to wade through the water to shut off the power. If you have standing water in the basement, do not go down there, as it could be carrying a current. Always test standing water for an electrical current before attempting to pass through it.
  • Avoid overloading outlets: If you plug too many items into a single outlet, it could overload your circuit. Power strips and extension cords are commonly used to get more power out of a single outlet, but if you overload the outlet, it could result in frequently tripping breakers, or even become a fire hazard. Always keep your outlet load at a reasonable level. This may mean switching out items from the outlet when they’re not in use.
  • Use the right bulbs: Light fixtures will have recommended wattage. The outside of the socket will typically have this information printed on it. If you use the wrong bulbs, they could begin to overheat, which could be a fire danger. If you have a bulb that bursts in the socket, make sure you unplug the fixture before removing the bulb.
  • Seek professional help: If you’re looking to install a new outlet or fixture and are worried about running new wiring or setting up a new circuit yourself, you should seek the assistance of a professional electrician. It’s not worth the money you save doing the job yourself if you’re not certain you can do it safely.

For more electrical safety tips in Carlsbad, NM, contact an experienced electrician at JB Electric LLC today.

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