Pump Jack Installations

April 21, 2021

Do you understand how an oil pump jack works? Many business owners know they need a pump jack to extract oil from the ground on a regular basis, yet don’t realize how the machinery actually works. When it comes time to install pump jacks in Carlsbad, NM, they’re left wondering how their machinery works for fossil fuel extraction. Knowing how pump jacks work is the best way to ensure you get the right kind of installation. Read on to learn more about this piece of critical machinery.

Pumps and oil extraction

Many of us grew up with Dallas– and “Looney Tunes”-style visions of the oil industry—basically, stick a rod in the ground and oil spurts up. If only that were true! Instead, oil is extracted from crevices in the underground rock, which makes it challenging to find places with enough supply to justify installing oil derricks. After a good-enough place is found, a pump jack can be installed.

The pump is a good choice for getting oil out of the ground, because it can be so deep underground that other systems are impractical and inefficient. Once you have found a good-enough source of oil, you should consider installing a pump jack to speed things along.

Pumps aren’t suction-based, like you might imagine from popular culture. Instead, they use an artificial lift to bring oil up to the surface. The pump uses physics and machinery to ensure you get a consistent supply of oil up at the surface, which in turn guarantees that you have a productive usage of underground resources. Although it’s not quite as impressive as watching a spray of oil spurt up into the sky, it’s a resourceful way to ensure we have plenty of natural fuel throughout the continent.

How pump jacks operate

Have you ever driven by an oil field to watch oil derricks in action? If so, you’ve witnessed those machines bringing oil up to the surface by using plunger rods. These are also called “sucker rods,” and they’re capable of bringing a massive amount of oil up to the surface.

This machinery is critical to pump jack operation. Pump jacks typically have an A-frame, which have a horizontal beam at the top. This “walking beam” has a “horsehead” at the end, which goes into the ground. There’s also a powered crank that turns the walking beam and pumps the horsehead into the ground.

The horsehead is connected to a sucker rod, both of which travel down the pipe underground. Underground, there is a valve that opens and closes with the rod and horsehead’s movement, making it possible to draw oil up the pipeline. Eventually, the oil is pushed up to the surface so it can be harvested for use.

If you’re considering oil pump jack installation in Carlsbad, NM, the team at JB Electric LLC is happy to help you find the right tools for the job. We have over a decade of industry experience and are prepared to assist you in any way you need. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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