Is Aluminum Wiring Safe?

June 9, 2021

When it comes to your home, there’s nothing more important than safety. That’s probably why safety concerns arise when it comes to aluminum wiring, but unfortunately, so does misinformation. Like many household items, aluminum wiring will not pose a safety hazard unless improperly used or installed. Read on to learn more about aluminum wiring in homes.

How to determine if your home has aluminum wiring

If you don’t know whether your home has aluminum wiring, you can check the electrical panel or examine the cables running through exposed walls in the basement or attic. Aluminum wires will be labeled AL, ALUM or ALUMINUM. It’s important to note that other methods of checking for aluminum wiring are far too dangerous for non-professionals to perform, so it’s highly recommended that you hire an electrician for an inspection instead.

How aluminum wiring can be dangerous

Aluminum is a soft, malleable metal, which means that it’s more susceptible to damage during installation and expansion when heated. Consequently, aluminum wiring has a high risk of overheating, which may result in flickering lights, warped insulation or excessively warm cover plates. Because aluminum overheats so easily, it can also easily start electrical fires. This issue is compounded in older homes, since the aluminum wiring might already have significantly deteriorated and is, therefore, at an even higher risk for overheating.

Precautions to take with aluminum wiring

Having aluminum wiring in your home isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. Special measures can be taken to keep the aluminum wiring in your home safe, which may already be in place. If you’re unsure or would like some reassurance, hire a licensed electrician to perform an electrical inspection. They can assess the state of your home to determine whether additional safety measures must be implemented. However, even if your aluminum wiring is in good condition, it’s still recommended to get them inspected by an electrician at least once per year.

Other considerations for aluminum wiring

It’s becoming increasingly commonplace for insurance companies to require wiring to be inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary before they provide insurance coverage. Check with your home insurance company to make sure that you’re abiding by the terms of your policy. It might also be necessary to provide a copy of the certificate of inspection to your insurer, so make sure to keep all relevant documentation. As long as there’s no visible damage or deficiencies in the aluminum wiring, your coverage should be unaffected.

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