An Overview of Tank Battery Design in Oil and Gas Production

November 2, 2021

In oil and gas production, tank battery builds are common. This equipment is an essential part of above-ground operations in the oil and gas industry. But what is a tank battery, and how is it utilized? Here’s what you need to know about tank battery builds and what they can do for your operations.

What is a tank battery?

The tank battery is a system used to store products gathered from oil pumping operations. The system separates, cleans and stores various products to prep them for sale.

What products can be found in a tank battery?

Natural gas, crude oil and water are common items found in a tank battery. Other substances, such as sediment and asphalt, may also be found in a tank battery if these items are present in the mixture collected from an oil well.

How does a tank battery work?

Tank battery builds differ based on what needs to happen to the resources pumped from an oil field. In some cases, the quality of the oil is such that it can be sold as is when it is pumped to the tank battery. In these cases, the tank battery simply acts as a storage facility to hold the oil until it is sold.

In other cases, substances must be separated from the oil before each component can be sold. This separation is completed by equipment inside the tank battery. A separator removes the natural gas and stores it. A gun barrel or heater-treater may also be present to remove sediment and water. Heater-treaters and gun barrels use natural forces and heat application to separate oil and water. The use of heat makes the separation process more efficient.

Are all tank battery builds similar?

Yes and no. Each tank battery functions on similar principles, but the designs can vary drastically. Because each oil and gas production operation is unique, each requires custom tank battery builds to meet specific needs.

Some require complex tank battery builds that feature multiple heater-treaters and gun barrels. Others may require a single vessel design. It is important to design a tank battery based on the specific mixture of products that come out of the well that feeds it and how owners plan to use the resources gathered. This will result in maximum efficiency, safety and productivity.

Who should I contact if I need tank battery builds?

Not everyone can provide quality tank battery builds. One of the important steps in this process is appropriate electrical services for the system. Always consult with a company that specializes in tank battery builds. Look for experts who will be able to customize your system to meet the specific needs of your operations.

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