Tips On Converting Your Home To LED Lights

February 15, 2022

The innovation of LED lights is significantly changing how lighting is done in commercial and residential applications due to its numerous advantages over traditional light sources. Firstly, LED lights have dramatically lower power consumption, which means they cost significantly less to run than conventional lights. Moreover, they have a longer lifespan; thus, you won’t have to replace them often. Therefore, it’s no surprise that an LED light conversion for your home. Here are useful tips on converting your home to LED lights.

What’s the Best Time to Convert to LED Lights?

  • When replacing an old or defunct bulbs
  • During the new furnishing of your home or a room
  • During a home or room renovation
  • When moving to a new home

Is It Best to Replace the Old Lighting or Purchase a New Lamp?

There are two paths to converting your home to energy saving lighting: you can either replace the old piece or buy a new light. Which of the two options is more appropriate for you depends on your situation. Replacing the old lamp is commonly the most affordable way to convert to LED lighting for your home. It also has the added benefit of allowing you to keep the lamp or lighting fixture for a couple of more years. On the other hand, getting a new lamp is your only option for having energy saving lighting in your home if your old lamp has a non-replicable illuminant. Keep in mind that purchasing new LED lamps can be more costly than replacing the old ones, and you might have to call a professional to install them.

Vital Considerations Before Retrofitting

  • Brightness: Which brightness do you need? The brightness of LED lamps is measured in lumens. You can use a Lumen Watt calculator to figure out how bright you want your LED lights to be. The sweet spot for small corridors and rooms is 330 lm, the entrance area is 600 lm, and the living room is 1400 lm light that’s dimmable.
  • Beam angle: LED lights have a directional beam angle, unlike old light sources, which have a strong scattered beam angle. The more LEDs in one bulb, the broader its beam angle; therefore, the larger the area that will be illuminated.
  • Color temperature: This is the color of the light produced and is measured in Kelvin (K). It’s best to go for LED lights with 2700 K color temperature for the living room and bedrooms as this is warm white light similar to old incandescent lamps. Use 3000 K lights for the places and rooms where you need a light that looks brighter.
  • Is the light dimmable? Not all LED lights are dimmable. If you want LEDs lights that are dimmable, look for options clearly marked as dimmable.

Should you retrofit all lights?

If you have the budget for it, it’s okay to do an LED light conversion for your entire home. If you are short on finances, you can start by installing energy saving lighting in the rooms that have the lights switched on most of the time to enjoy the maximum energy savings for the time being.

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