What Is Surge Protection?

September 10, 2018

You’ve probably heard the term “surge protection” before, but not really thought about it. All you know is that when you plug in multiple electrical devices, they work, and you don’t feel like you need to worry. Surge protection is a vital part of making electrical systems function properly that we’ll take a look at today.

If you’re experiencing electrical issues, you’ll need to call a top-quality electrician in Carlsbad, NM to deal with the problem. That’s where JB Electric LLC comes in, delivering the best service for all our customers. Let’s take a look at surge protection and what it means for your home or business.

The basics of surge protection

A surge protector defends against sharp spikes in electrical current. This is critical because without surge protection, your valuable electronic devices—from refrigerators and other large appliances to laptop computers—could be fried by a sharp electrical surge during a thunderstorm or other event that affects electrical flow, such as the use of high power demand devices like air conditioners. Surge protectors avoid this by sending excess electrical current into the ground.

One important term to know in surge protection is voltage, which describes the variance in electric charge between two points in an electric field. Another is power surge, which is an increase in voltage supply. Power surges are what cause damage to electronic devices.

Surge protectors

There is a large number of surge protection devices on the market that are ideal for preventing damage to electronic devices. Typically these come in a power strip variety that allows you to plug in several items at the same time while avoiding those sharp increases in electricity.

Most commonly, a surge protector utilizes a component that consists of metal oxide. This is joined to the grounding and to power supply via semiconductors. This is referred to as a metal oxide varistor (MOV). Another type of surge protector is referred to as a gas discharge arrestor, which uses a gas tube.

There is a variety of extra features on surge protectors. These may include a built-in fuse or an on-line conditioning component. This will help steady the current when it is stressed.

Finding a top electrician in Carlsbad, NM

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