Shocking Facts About Hydrovac Service!

December 4, 2018

Hydro evacuation, or “hydrovac” to those of us in the industry, is a new and exciting excavation process that’s becoming more and more popular across the country. The process includes first injecting pressurized water into the ground to soften the soil and then using a vacuum system to collect the soil and store it in a tank. Hydrovac has a variety of applications, including simply digging into the ground, discovery for oil fields and gas lines and even cleaning heavy-duty machinery.

We’ve found that some of our customers want to know a little bit more about hydrovac service before they hire us to work on their job site, so we put together this helpful guide to teach you a few fun facts about this service:

  • It’s accurate: As you can imagine, when you’re having any excavation work done, you want it to be as precise as possible. That’s exactly what you get when you choose to use hydrovac for excavation. The pressurized water we use comes out in a steady, solid stream that quickly turns hard soil into easy-to-remove mud. Once the mud is soft, we quickly suck it out using a high-powered vacuum. This is a perfect technique when you need to dig a thin line or trench and don’t want to disturb the ground around it.
  • It’s non-destructive: Going off the point above, hydrovac doesn’t destroy or disturb any of the surrounding ground. Unlike old excavation techniques that require shovels and heavy-duty machinery to dig, the hydrovac process only requires a non-destructive water jet to move the ground. You never have to worry about destroying pipes or gas lines under an excavation site when you choose to hire an electrician company in Carlsbad, NM for hydrovac service.
  • It’s time and cost efficient: Saving time and money is a priority on any job site. Contractors who want to do both should always choose hydrovac when they need to excavate some land. Excavating a large area could take days with traditional methods, but with hydrovac, that same ground can be excavated in a matter of hours. Additionally, you’re saving money when you use hydrovac because you don’t have to dedicate any resources to repairing the surrounding ground that you would’ve damaged during traditional excavation.
  • It’s suitable for all climates: Hot or cold, rain or shine, hydrovac is your number one choice for excavation. This isn’t so much of a concern in our area, but folks up north who have to deal with freezing temperatures throughout the winter can easily excavate frozen ground using hydrovac. That’s good news for construction crews who normally would’ve had to wait until springtime to finish a job if they didn’t have a hydrovac system.

If you’re looking to hire a team for hydrovac service, look no further than JB Electric LLC. We’re a premier electrician company in Carlsbad, NM for hydrovac service, as well as residential and commercial electrical work. Call us today to get a quote or to learn more about any of our services.

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