Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

June 24, 2019

Every workplace has some risks that must be taken into account, but oilfields are notoriously hazardous places to work, especially if proper safety measures aren’t employed in accordance with laws and regulations. To ensure that your employees and supervisors stay safe, oilfield safety training in Carlsbad, NM is essential. Read on to find out more about how to facilitate successful oilfield safety training and how to reinforce safety concepts and precautions on your oilfield site.

What does oilfield safety training entail?

A lot of people wonder about the specific concepts that may be covered in oilfield safety training. While there may be some variation from training to training depending on the location of the oilfield and the specifics of the jobsite, most oilfield safety training includes the following concepts and subjects:

  • Accident prevention: One of the most important aspects of safety training is accident prevention. Accident prevention measures help improve the overall safety of a jobsite so that workers can avoid injuries entirely. Accident prevention might include things like hazard marking, material handling techniques and communication procedures to ensure that all workers are kept as safe as possible.
  • Incident reporting: If an accident does occur on your oilfield site, it’s imperative for workers to follow all applicable reporting procedures. All workers should be aware of incident reporting protocol and should be informed about who they need to contact first in the event that an incident occurs, no matter how minor it might seem.
  • Personal protective equipment: Personal protective equipment (PPE) is incredibly important to worker safety. Workers must be equipped with helmets, protective clothing, harnesses for elevated work, gloves and, in some cases, respiratory gear. All workers need to be aware of the PPE they need to wear and when they need to wear it to maintain compliance with the relevant workplace requirements.
  • Equipment operation: Special certification is typically required for workers to operate heavy equipment, but safety training for heavy equipment should be extended to all workers on an oilfield site. Even if workers aren’t directly operating this machinery, they should still be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to interact with this equipment and support equipment operators safely and effectively.
  • Emergency protocols: If a serious injury or emergency occurs on your worksite, you want to feel confident that your workers will know how to respond. During safety training, your workers will review the full range of emergency response and evacuation protocols.
  • Equipment inspections and maintenance: To keep equipment running safely, it’s important to keep it clean and well maintained. This is another concept that is likely to be covered in industrial training for oilfields.

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