Seven Ingenious Oil Field Uses for a Hydrovac

August 6, 2019

Hydrovac, short for hydro excavation, is ideal for many processes in the oil industry. This excavation process uses pressurized water to soften the ground, then a vacuum removes the resulting sludge. This process allows for many oil field uses for a hydrovac in Carlsbad, NM. Here are the top seven.

Drill in Cold Terrain

It can be challenging for equipment to pierce through frozen terrain. Equipped with heated jets, hydrovacs make this job much easier. When oil field professionals face cold, hard surfaces, they can turn to this option to access the rich resources beneath the frozen earth.

Identify Underground Structures

It’s crucial to know what structures lie beneath the ground in the area that has been designated for oil drilling. If these are not properly identified, serious injury and damage can occur during excavation and drilling. Hydrovacs can expose underground pipelines, utilities and any other potential hazards without disturbing them. It is the ideal process to use when beginning oil field projects.

Expose Pipes for Maintenance

Oil pipelines inevitably require repairs. Hydrovacs make these maintenance tasks easier. They can expose the pipes so technicians can quickly and conveniently access the section that needs work. This process limits the risk of disturbing any surrounding machinery or causing additional damage while exposing it.

Keep Pipelines Clean

Another common maintenance task for oil fields is cleaning. Equipment must remain free of debris buildup in order to function properly. Maintaining this healthy operation requires regular cleaning of the equipment. A hydrovac’s water source makes cleaning one of the great oil field uses for a hydrovac in Carlsbad, NM. The machine can provide the heavy-duty water stream needed to clear away the debris, and its vacuum quickly removes all the muck. Easy!

Meet Deadlines

Traditional excavating procedures can take days to complete. The same job can be finished in a few hours using a hydrovac. If deadlines are important during a project (and when are they not?) then a hydrovac can help. It can provide significant time savings, helping project managers hit their deadlines.

Reduce Costs

As hydrovacs help save time, they also provide financial savings. The excavation requires less labor, fewer man hours and less equipment. All this translates into substantial cost reduction for the project.

Protect the Environment

Hydrovacs allow excavation with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Digging is more targeted and detailed, allowing operators to keep the area around the site intact. With more and more companies in search of ways to reduce their footprint, hydrovacs offer an eco-friendly solution to help them meet this goal.

Tap into the Best Resources

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