An Electrician’s Safety Guide

August 13, 2020

It can be dangerous when working with electrical elements, which is why personal protective equipment (PPE) for electricians is important. No one should go into the job without the right equipment or education on avoiding death or injury. Read this brief safety guide to complete your work assignments without incident. Here are six tips regarding safety equipment electricians use in Carlsbad, NM when taking precautions on the job:

  • Bring needed PPE: Basic PPE for electricians includes safety glasses, face shields, hard hats, insulating gloves, insulating salves, flame-retardant clothing and protective footwear. Depending on your environment, you may also require fall protection equipment, respirators and chemical-resistant or cut-resistant gloves or chaps. Always insist on a thorough description of your worksite and possible dangers so you start work prepared.
  • Look into insulating protective equipment (IPE): IPE is one step up from PPE in that it offers additional protection from electric shock. It may include line hoses, rubber hoods, rubber blankets and insulation for live-line tools. While it is not required to be worn, you may still need to carry it in case you need it.
  • Train workers properly: There should be regular safety briefings on IPE and PPE. This includes hazard assessments so workers are prepared and training on the use of PPE. Always include PPE in job briefings. Once work finishes, inspect PPE for damage, especially gloves and sleeves. Damage can occur during work, but also if products are defective. It’s a good idea to catch these shortcomings before a worker is injured.
  • Turn off power: Many accidents occur because an electrician believes a repair will take just a moment and de-energizing is not necessary. However, no one should ever try to repair energized equipment, even if they believe they are experienced enough to avoid electric shock. Besides shutting off the power, all electricians should test the wires before working on them. A short or other defect could still be allowing electricity to flow.
  • Stay away from water: In this time of constant handwashing, it is important to make sure your hands are completely dry before you start work again. Never handle electrical equipment with wet hands. If there is a spill or remnants of a basement flood nearby, wipe up puddles first so they do not become deadly electricity conductors later. Water and electricity are always a deadly mix, and you do not want even a slight risk of them coming together.
  • Choose ladders carefully: If you must work at greater heights, avoid using aluminum or steel ladders. They allow electrical surges to ground you, and that can likely kill you. Instead, find a wood, bamboo or fiberglass ladder. You will work safer and have one less electrically conductive item to worry you as you concentrate on the work ahead.

JB Electric LLC offers residential and commercial electrical services. Rest assured that we provide PPE for electricians in Carlsbad, NM and understand the safety equipment electricians need to use on the job. Call us today if you require our repair services or need an electrical contractor for new construction.

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