How Do Solar Panels Work?

February 19, 2021

Solar energy is a fantastic resource in the Carlsbad, NM area. Our sunny region is the perfect place to make use of the natural gift of solar energy to help the environment by reducing emissions and to help homeowners’ bank accounts by reducing their expensive energy bills.

If you are interested in solar energy, you might have a lot of questions about how it works. Getting energy from the sun sounds great, but how exactly do solar panels generate energy? And how much electricity does a solar panel produce? Here are the facts about solar energy in Carlsbad, NM.

Generating electricity out of solar energy

Sunlight is made up of particles called photons. When photons collide with other particles, the energy they contain is usually converted to heat. However, when photons collide with the right substances, they can produce electricity instead. Silicon is a substance that causes this to happen. Solar panels generate energy by exposing specially prepared silicon to photons and capturing the electricity that is produced.

How solar panels are built

Solar panels may seem like magic, but they are simply made with the science of photons in mind. Silicon is used in many solar panels to produce electricity because of the way it interacts with photons. Silicon is used to create photovoltaic cells, which are lined up under glass to form solar panels. Conductive metal plates are placed inside each solar panel, connected with wires to a fused array combiner. Energy flows from that array through an inverter, which transforms the electricity produced into the kind of electrical current that can be used in homes.

Influences on solar electricity

Having a general idea of how solar panels work will help you to better understand the things that can affect how much electricity a solar panel produces in Carlsbad, NM. Shade is a big concern when it comes to how much power solar panels generate. Panels in direct sunlight will produce much more energy than those in the shade. This holds true on cloudy days as well as in situations like branches hanging over your solar panels. If you’re considering installing solar panels on your home, be sure to check if you can trim any trees that shade the area where you would be having the panels installed.

The angle of your solar panels also matters when it comes to how much electricity the solar panels will produce. The direction your home is facing, the tilt of your roof and the panels themselves can help generate more or less power. Ideally, solar panels should be installed at the same angle as the latitude where they’re mounted.

Install solar panels today

If you are interested in installing solar panels at your home in the Carlsbad, NM area, contact the skilled and reliable electricians at JB Electric LLC today. We’ll work with you to ensure your investment in solar energy is strengthened by a smart and successful installation, and bolstered by an effective and comprehensive maintenance program. Reach out to learn more and schedule a consultation.

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